Tricks for Halloween Decorating

                     Make Your House a Treat This Halloween

The leaves are falling, there’s a chill in the air, and Halloween is right around the corner!  This is a holiday that opens the door to creativity and allows the “kid” in you to appear when it comes to decorating.

You can decorate your home for a party, to impress Trick or Treaters, or simply for your family’s enjoyment of this holiday without spending a lot of money.  Here are some ideas to take your home from the ordinary to Halloween Extraordinary:

1.  Create a pumpkin tree within your bookshelves.  If you have a sturdy bookshelf, place pumpkins on the shelves in the shape of a tree.  The top shelf should have the most pumpkins, and it should taper as it goes down.  If there is wide space between each level, you may have to stack the pumpkins.  Trim any stems on the pumpkins that interfere with stability.  Draw an outline of a tree on the pumpkins using a black marker or felt pen.  Start at the bottom shelf and branch out as you move up the shelves.  Work one shelf at a time filling in the outlines with a fine-tip brush and black acrylic paint.  Once the paint has dried, arrange the pumpkins in your bookcase.

2.  Make a Specimen Lab Table.  Convert a table into a scientist’s lab by using glass jars in different sizes.  SpecimenJarsYou can do this by using mason jars, spaghetti sauce or baby food jars. Craft stores sell small plastic party favors such as eyeballs, miniature skeletons or even severed limbs  that are ideal to place in the bottom of the jars.  Add 2 drops of food coloring and water to the jars, and you will have created the look of a specimen lab.  Now heighten the mood by switching out clear light bulbs for colored ones.

3.  Create a spider infested floral display.  Paint a white French vase with black acrylic paint.  Fill the vase with white flowers – roses, carnations or peonies work best.  Use permanent glue to fix plastic or vinyl spiders (or other bugs) to the flowers.  You can use floral wire to hang a spider from one of the flowers.  To create more drama, you can incorporate plastic snakes woven into the flowers and around the vase.  If you can’t find black snakes, you can paint them using black acrylic paint.  Entwine the snakes into the flowers using floral wire to support it.

You can use items you already have to create something uniquely decorative for Halloween to give your home a holiday look that is creative and fun.


Laila loves being part of Halloween decorating! Happy Halloween!

If you want to transform your home from Ordinary to Extraordinary using things you already own, consider becoming a client of Élan Redesign.


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